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June 2014



Fuck Fuck Fuck Bollocks

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I was really looking forward to writing this blog. I’d been training regularly, following a great program, had loads of enthusiasm and was stronger than i’ve ever been. My squat had gone up, my clean & jerk had gone up, i’d been spamming Instagram with PB vids, everything was rosey.

So what’s the problem? Well for those of you that haven’t been following my moaning on Twitter, I hurt my back 3 weeks ago and I hurt it badly. Here’s what happened:

I’d done a squat max out, then with my usual one day’s rest in between i’d done some heavy back squats for reps. All fine. Then the following day, without my usual rest, I did some very light but repetitive barbell conditioning work (I was getting chubby). THEN the following day, again without a day’s break and with a now slightly achey back, did some front squats. Managed my first working set at 75%, racked the barbell, my legs went weak and ‘weird’ and I realised I needed to lie down. Cue two days of pain equivalent to giving birth to a 12lb baby.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, bollocks.

So here I am, just over 3 weeks later, with a suspected disc herniation. Walking and moving around is fine – in fact moving is the only thing that brings me relief. But sitting…..sitting becomes agony quite quickly. Quite annoying when 90% of your job is based around sitting at a desk with terrible posture. Aside from horrid lower back pain, sitting down makes odd pains shoot down my legs and into my feet.  I feel like i’m about 90 years old.

I guess the good news is I am improving, but I suspect this is something that will take several months to heal. I’m attending regular physio appointments and medicating with Chardonnay and Tramacet. I’ve also moved my office and associated junk to my kitchen worktop so I can work standing up.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I wish I had listened to my body and taken a few days off rather than attempting front squats. What I thought was just DOMS was clearly something a little more sinister and I needed a bit of R&R. I also wish i’d paid a bit more attention to core work (planks, hanging leg raises and so on), as i’m told they could possibly have helped me avoid this injury.

I will next update this blog when I am healed enough to pick up a barbell – currently i’m struggling to pick up a bag of shopping. I presume I will be piss weak by then (ANNOYING), and that I may need to begin with much more basic strength training than Olympic lifting.

Trying to take a positive from this situation, I love wandering in the summer months. So I shall take this opportunity to spend the time I would have been weightlifting, wandering around Cheltenham and the Cotswolds instead. I’m also disappearing to Ibiza next week, where I am sure copious amounts of swimming (and ecstasy) will help relax and heal my lumbar area.

Wish me well, you able-bodied bastards!