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January 2016



New Non-Weightlifting Blog

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Dear strong people,

Thanks for being troopers and subscribing to this weightlifting blog which I only manage to update once in a blue moon.

Because I love to write and don’t want to be restricted to writing about weightlifting, I have set up another blog here:

If you like my writing and want to know what I am up to, please do head over there and subscribe. I plan to write there far more regularly.

I’ve been tampering with Twitter too, and am no longer locked: @onesmallsherry.

By tampering (read: ballsing up) I have lost some of you who were following me, so please follow me back again!

Thank you, happy new year, here’s to a great 2016 and all that jazz.

Abbie x



November 2015



World Weightlifting Champs 2015

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I planned to write this post yesterday but my daughter went to her dad’s so I spent the day lying in bed eating Hobnobs instead. 92kcals per biscuit if you’re wondering – shocking, right? Anyway, my sincere apologies for the delay.

So the great news is the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships kicked off in Houston on Friday and yesterday the women’s 48kg and men’s 56kg A group events were televised almost live by those lovely people over at Eurosport.

As per usual, not all of the events are making their way onto TV, but the exciting news is that in among the East European and Asian lifters, our very own Zoe Smith and Rebekah Tiler have made it into the A group and onto the telebox! Both are lifting in the 63kg category, Zoe having gone up a weight class and Rebekah having gone down. I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH THEM LIFT.

Women's 63kg A Group Openers

If you’ve never watched a weightlifting competition before, you can take my word for it that they are absolutely fantastic viewing, whether you lift or not. Tactical, tense, edge of your seat stuff with massive crowd participation and encouragement for every lifter. Expect to see tears of sadness, tears of joy and new world records. Massive kudos to the athletes who perform such technical lifts under immense pressure.

View the Eurosport schedule so you can watch or set your Sky box to record (I get Eurosport and don’t subscribe to Sky Sports).

In addition to Eurosport, there are various live streams, the coverage for which seems sporadic and unclear. Pretty standard for weightlifting I am afraid!

Have a look at the IWF Houston Live page – but note at the time of writing they are showing a women’s competition despite it being 03.58 in Houston. Unhelpfully, they give no explanation anywhere on the page which group and class they are showing, or explain that it is not live. Maybe use alongside their Twitter account for clarity. Also the competition schedule which is not particularly phone browser friendly, so select the date then scroll down.

Of course, there are the usual weightlifting social media accounts posting vids, pics and updates. Search AllThingsGym on Twitter and Facebook for the best coverage IMO.


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