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November 2015



World Weightlifting Champs 2015

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I planned to write this post yesterday but my daughter went to her dad’s so I spent the day lying in bed eating Hobnobs instead. 92kcals per biscuit if you’re wondering – shocking, right? Anyway, my sincere apologies for the delay.

So the great news is the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships kicked off in Houston on Friday and yesterday the women’s 48kg and men’s 56kg A group events were televised almost live by those lovely people over at Eurosport.

As per usual, not all of the events are making their way onto TV, but the exciting news is that in among the East European and Asian lifters, our very own Zoe Smith and Rebekah Tiler have made it into the A group and onto the telebox! Both are lifting in the 63kg category, Zoe having gone up a weight class and Rebekah having gone down. I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH THEM LIFT.

Women's 63kg A Group Openers

If you’ve never watched a weightlifting competition before, you can take my word for it that they are absolutely fantastic viewing, whether you lift or not. Tactical, tense, edge of your seat stuff with massive crowd participation and encouragement for every lifter. Expect to see tears of sadness, tears of joy and new world records. Massive kudos to the athletes who perform such technical lifts under immense pressure.

View the Eurosport schedule so you can watch or set your Sky box to record (I get Eurosport and don’t subscribe to Sky Sports).

In addition to Eurosport, there are various live streams, the coverage for which seems sporadic and unclear. Pretty standard for weightlifting I am afraid!

Have a look at the IWF Houston Live page – but note at the time of writing they are showing a women’s competition despite it being 03.58 in Houston. Unhelpfully, they give no explanation anywhere on the page which group and class they are showing, or explain that it is not live. Maybe use alongside their Twitter account for clarity. Also the competition schedule which is not particularly phone browser friendly, so select the date then scroll down.

Of course, there are the usual weightlifting social media accounts posting vids, pics and updates. Search AllThingsGym on Twitter and Facebook for the best coverage IMO.




June 2015



One Small Sherry

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Everyone updates their blog once every 9 months, right? Shit, sorry i’m so useless. I will explain all below and also give you some really positive news re my back and my training, important as I know others are in / will end up in the same sort of trouble. I don’t want you all thinking that was the end for me – it wasn’t.

So after my back injury where I couldn’t even sit on the toilet to have a piss, I trained away happily with Tommy Rutter until the end of last year. All good, he taught me loads of important stuff about my body and my core/glutes. He vastly improved my back pain and every week my mobility improved, because as i’d learned, the worst thing you can do is stop moving. I wasn’t confident about moving without guidance though, so Tommy and I went back to basics. No Olympic lifting.

Got MRI’d in October (fucking hideous, thought I was going to die in that contraption) and it confirmed I had not one but two herniated discs – the two at the bottom. Tommy and I continued on.

Then at the beginning of 2015 two major things happened: I had breast surgery (reduction and lift) and I split up from my husband. There was other stuff too which I can’t talk about here. The combination of it all was quite overwhelming to say the least. I spent 10 weeks out, often in bed , either staring out of the window or at my hacked up tits, feeling really quite low.

I isolated myself. I deleted my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Uninstalled whatsapp and messenger. Other than two very close girlfriends and my kids, I really didn’t speak to anyone if I could possibly help it.

At the beginning of April I decided my boobs were healed enough to start lifting weights again and I dragged myself out of the black hole I had fallen into. I designed a program that incorporated power cleans and power snatches but overall just basic strength building stuff like presses, various types of deadlift (was so cautious with these) and front squats. Also a ton of glute activation work, planks, supermans and stuff to help my hip mobility. I took it really easy. No PB hunting.

The results have been really quite incredible – steadily increasing numbers without any back pain whatsoever. In fact, I am now back doing a full Olympic lifting program without a twinge. I guess most importantly, my mental health has improved considerably since I started lifting weights again, which will come as no surprise to those of you who do any form of strength training.

Here’s how I am getting by:-

  1. I haven’t sat at a desk since May 2014. I continue to work at my PC standing and will never sit down for long periods again. I am certain this was the route of my back injury.
  2. I will never do weightlifting more than 3 times a week and I will always have a day’s rest inbetween sessions. I will remember that I am a 35 year old female, not a 21 year old!
  3. On my rest days I will go for a swim to keep myself busy, and at the minute I am managing 1000 metres twice a week.
  4. I will never squat without doing glute activation work first. I am also sticking entirely to front squats.
  5. At the first sign of any pain, I will stop lifting and go and make a cup of tea. I will not ‘push through it’.
  6. I will pay incredibly close attention to my form and if it doesn’t feel right, I will drop the weight down.

So there you go, I am back in business and jolly happy about it too. I connected with quite a few of you over the last few years and if you want to chat again, I am back on Twitter as @onesmallsherry. Admittedly I am mostly talking about my adventures on Tinder or calling my mate Michelle a slapper, but hey, i’m there if you want me. I am also back on instagram with the same username. ‘Yes officer, i’ve had one small sherry’ is what I remember my mum telling the coppers when she’d get pulled over, pissed off her face, back in the olden days when no one gave a shit.

I hope she doesn’t read this.

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