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Clare Patterson

Powerlifter Claire Patterson
28 year old Complaints Exec
Bodyweight: 71kg
Sport: Powerlifting
Back Squat PB: 120kg
Deadlift PB: 130kg
Bench Press PB: 82.5kg
Trains with coach Dominic Kinsey at Fighting Fit, Manchester and also at LA Fitness, Sale
Powerlifting since Feb 2012
Today’s date 17th August 2013


How did you get introduced to powerlifting? Did you have any prior experience of weight training?

I’ve been a trampolinist since age 13, but didn’t start general weight training until early 2012. It was around then that I decided to go to a “boys gym” where I was introduced to powerlifting. I did powerlifting for several months, taking part in a strong athlete competition in July 2012. I continued with general weight training and in March 2013 I started powerlifting again, this time being told that my PBs would qualify me for the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association national competition. Shortly after this, I began training with Dominic Kinsey at Fighting Fit.

How many times a week do you lift and for how long? Tell us your typical training schedule.

I do two bench/squat sessions, one unilateral leg session and one deadlift session a week. Usually an hour per session. I also trampoline for a competitive trampoline club and train 2-3 times a week with them.

Which aspect of powerlifting do you find the most difficult and why?

Failure. I hate training to failure so for a long time my squats weren’t deep enough. I have spent a lot of time working on this with Dom. Second to that, it’s training without a spotter (someone to rescue me if I can’t lift the bar) as not many people in my gym powerlift.

What makes powerlifting so addictive for you…why do you keep at it? What positives has it brought to your life?

I love the fact I can lift so heavy and I just feel at home in the weights section. I love seeing my progress and what my body is capable of. It’s made me happier and more confident. It’s also helped me get a decent, healthy and lean figure (in my opinion anyway)! Plus it’s pretty cool when you tell guys what you can lift.

Have you ever competed or do you ever intend to?

My first competition will be the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association regional on 22nd September 2013 with the aim of qualifying for the British Nationals. There is also a push/pull competition (bench and deadlift only, no squat) I want to do in October 2013.

Have you altered your diet/lifestyle in any way because of powerlifting?

Yes, I eat a lot healthier now and drink protein shakes. I also train more in the evening now (used to be mornings) as I feel stronger at night.  I also used to train with a friend but have stopped that to focus solely on my powerlifting.

What are your powerlifting goals over the next 6 months?

Qualify for the British Nationals and set some regional records. I want to get a 100kg bench and a double bodyweight deadlift!

Which other people/powerlifters/athletes inspire you to do better and why?

I think Jessica Ennis is brilliant for her focus and determination. Also, Kat Driscoll who represented GB at the 2012 Olympics for trampolining.  My friends Katy, Laura and Scott also inspire me because they are ‘normal’ people who constantly impress me with their hard work, dedication and progress.

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